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Sue and Paul are always up to something fun. See what's coming up!


Find the funniest friends on I Spy Island

Travel to the sunniest shores this summer with a brand-new adventure from the creators of Supertato!

In the middle of the ocean, miles from anywhere is a happy little island who loves to play I Spy...

Join Island, and friends Glove, Banana, Bird, and Bottle as they investigate the curious case of what's just washed up on Island's chin...What can it be?And what adventures lie in store?

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Sue and Paul will be appearing at these upcoming festivals!

Barnes Children’s Lit Festival: Thursday, 11th June

Hexham Book Festival: Sunday, 11th July

Cheltenham Literature Festival: Friday, 8th October & Saturday, 9th October PLUS see Supertato popping up throughout the festival!

Henley Literary Festival: Saturday, 9th October​

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Out now—Supertato Sticker Skills!

This brand-new Supertato sticker book is packed with hilarious supermarket fun. Supertato and the gang are back with another must-have sticker book!
Expect to find the Evil Pea up to his usual tricks, as well as an array of brand-new exciting activities—get ready to go on a scavenger hunt, build a robot, and design your own treasure map, to name just a few! This book even has activities that are designed to help little ones develop important skills, like how to count, identify different colours and understand the concept of opposites.

With over 400 stickers, this sticker book is perfect for long journeys, rainy days, and school holidays—a great gift for any child.

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Break out the Bubbles!

Bubbly Troubly! is the brand-new adventure in the bestselling, blockbuster Supertato series! It’s perfect for even the most reluctant of bathers—and, of course, Supertato fans EVERYWHERE!

It is nighttime in the supermarket, and it’s the veggies’ weekly bath. But…what’s this? SOMEONE has been meddling with the bubble bath and that can only lead to one thing: BUBBLY TROUBLY!
Are Supertato and the veggies all washed up? Or can they clear the aisles and POP that pea back where he belongs?
Find out in Supertato's newest, irresistible laugh-out-loud adventure!

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